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Mold and Your Home

Mold and Your Home

Finally we have turned the winter corner, and springtime is upon us. Time to open the windows and let the fresh air bring the scent of new flowers through the home. The flipside to these new flowers that smell so nice are the intense showers that help them grow, which many times can be unexpected.

One of the more common calls we get every spring are homeowners that left windows open when away from the home, only to come home to a rain soaked carpet or floor emitting a foul odor. Though not always, this foul odor usually means mildew or mold, one of the more elusive and dangerous problems for homeowners. Once mildew and mold are present it only takes a few conditions for it to thrive and become a real problem and even a serious health risk. Lets take a look at what fuels mold growth, and how Triclean Restoration can remediate the problem.

In order for mold to thrive it needs 3 things: A dark area, moisture, and poor air flow. This is why mold thrives within carpets and walls, and especially in the damp basements of the Triangle area. Once mold growth has begun, simply drying the area will not be enough to remediate the problem. Existing growth must be terminated safely with strong cleaning agents, the area must be thoroughly dried, and if possible as much natural light as possible must be introduced to the area. If mold growth is introduced in one area, simply the presence of moisture in the air can spread the growth throughout the home with very little signs. This is why it is very important to contact a IICRC Certified expert such as Triclean Restoration to ensure the problem is contained and treated properly, minimizing the possibility of spores regenerating if moisture is reintroduced. Triclean Restoration utilizes industry specific advanced structural drying equipment and mold specific industry standards to restore your home to a pre-crisis condition.

Mold and mildew typically present itself as a brown, spotty stain with tiny fur (spores) growing from the darker areas. If left untreated these spores can cause health issues mimicking allergies, the flu, or even asthma. Extended exposure can lead to severe illness and in rare cases can be fatal.

Mold can be a very dangerous problem for your health, but with a timely call to our experts at Tri Restorations we can be sure that it is mitigated safely and prevented from returning. Remember to close your windows, and if you see dark spotting or fur around any doors, windows, or basement areas call us immediately at 919.933.9955.

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