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Spring Home Maintenance Tips

29 Apr Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is truly here. I think you can attest to that when you walk outside and look at your pollen covered home or office and rub those red eyes!

Not only is Spring a time where we have to look out for pollen in North Carolina, but it is a time to make sure our home or office is prepared for a variety of other potential issues including:

  • Wind damage
  • Flooding due to heavy rains
  • New mold in locations that haven’t been opened/accessed in the Fall and Winter months

Now that you understand some things to look out for now that Spring is here, we’ve also put together a list of Spring Home Maintenance Tips to help prepare your home or office for the season.


Clean them! Both inside and out to get all that natural light coming in. Also check for cracked or damaged window glazing and see if your weather stripping still looks good. Keep the warm air out!


Winter weather can be tough on the exterior of your home and Spring is a great time to inspect siding for wood rot or wind damage. Pay special attention to areas where paint is missing or chipping and areas where caulking is missing.

Outdoor Utilities

Turn on the water at the hose bib to make sure it flows correctly. Then hook up a hose and let it pressure up so you can check for leaks. Also check your outdoor outlets!

AC and Air Quality

Is your attic fan working right? Are all your screens in good repair? Is your crawlspace free of debris to prevent moisture under your home? When is the last time your HVAC air filter was changed? Create a checklist and make sure each of these questions has been answered!

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