Water Damage | Triclean Restoration
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Water Damage

DSC00213Water damage is one of the most concerning issues any homeowner can face. The effects of a water disaster can reverberate through a home long after the visible signs of damage have been solved. It is no secret that the longer water sits, the greater the damage and the more toxic the area becomes.

Water is a source of life for all organisms including mold spores and fungus, so our water damage restoration processes first goal is to contain and remove any standing water from the structure. Once all standing water is removed we begin the drying process with our range of specialized equipment designed to remove all moisture from any substrates that may have had the opportunity to soak up the standing water. This includes carpet and padding, hardwood floors and padding, walls, furniture, ceilings below the incident, furniture, etc. Every bit of water damage must be thoroughly dry to assess the true scope of damage to your home or commercial space.

Mold and Fungus Mitigation

Once we are able to assess the scope of the water damage, we begin removing all compromised materials to minimize the possibility of mold and fungus contamination. Mold and fungus are by far the most dangerous aspects of water damage, and the Triclean Restoration team is IIRC Certified, meaning we are properly trained to safely measure and mitigate these issues.  Once all damaged materials are removed, our team begins the restoration process by determining what materials and techniques will be necessary to restore your home back to the state it was in before the emergency.

Triclean Restoration is well versed in fully restoring homes and businesses affected by all three levels of water damage. From category 1 Clean water damage stemming from a broken water supply line or cracked toilet tank to category 3 ‘Black Water’ sewage filling your basement, Triclean Restoration can restore and renovate your home or business back to normal (or even better!) safely and efficiently.

Water Damage Emergency Tips

In case of an emergency, here is a short list of what to do immediately upon finding yourself in a water related emergency, if safety allows:

  • Immediately shut off the water supply line to the home or business.
  • Immediately shut off all electrical breakers to affected areas, or entire structure.
  • Remove any decorative and personal items that may be affected.