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Tips to Protect Your Home in Freezing Weather

29 Dec Tips to Protect Your Home in Freezing Weather

Frozen Pipes are one of the biggest risks of property damage when the temperature drops, and a burst pipe can cause more than $5,000 in water damage.*

  • Here are some Tips to Protect Your Home in Freezing Weather:
  • Remove hoses from exterior faucets including those labeled “frostless” or “freezeproof”.
  • Keep garage and utility room doors closed.
  • Open sink cabinets located on exterior walls to allow warm air to circulate near pipes.
  • Close foundation vents- especially those located near water pipes.
  • If possible: shut off the water supply to pipes in unheated or freeze prone areas and drain the lines.
  • Allow hot and cold taps to drip slowly on freeze prone lines- this provides pressure relief should the line freeze.
  • Never use a torch or open flame to thaw pipes! Open faucets and call a plumber
  • Keep the heat on and set to a comfortable level, even if you will be away from home
  • Clogged gutters can freeze and overflow into exterior walls or flood foundations. Keep your gutters free of debris and check them for proper drainage.
  • Locate and test your home’s main water shut-off valve BEFORE you need it. This important valve is usually located either near the water service point of entry in a crawlspace or basement or, in many newer homes, in a pantry or closet on the main floor. Do not rely on the shut-off located in the municipal water meter box, it may require a special “water key” or be difficult to find and operate in an emergency.
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